We were approached by our client to assist after he purchased the former Magistrates court in Holyhead which he wished to convert into serviced holiday apartments along with a retail unit.

The site was well suited for this as it is located right at the centre of Holyhead in a location that is surrounded by both retail & service buildings and set close to the port. We were also keen to assist in securing a high quality use for the otherwise vacant historic building.

In co-operation with a Built Heritage Expert we prepared a detailed planning application on our client’s behalf and then entered discussions with the Local Planning Authority after submission to address the complexities of this case. Our client was delighted to receive approval and we understand has now begun initial work on the conversion.

Our client on this scheme owned a well established touring and static caravan park within Harlech which they wished to develop and improve by replacing 18 touring caravan pitches with 12 static caravans.

The site was highly sensitive due to its location within the National Park and in the shadow of Harlech Castle, but with the assistance of Tirlun Barr Associates and Jeff St Paul Heritage Consultants we were able to make a successful case that the scheme would improve the visual character of the site and so benefit the area and the setting of the Castle. We were also able to successfully highlight the other benefits of the scheme to the local economy and so also to the community.

Following our submission we entered into few discussions with the Local Planning Authority and were finally rewarded with planning permission. Our client was ecstatic with the results and can now begin initial work on site.

We were engaged to act as Planning Consultants on behalf of clients who wished to erect a new dwelling adjacent to their existing home in Conwy on part of their large garden. The proposal would provide a new high quality designed dwelling on a windfall site which forms an important element of the housing delivery strategy for the area. While preparing our Planning Support Statement we justified this point showing how this proposal would be a valuable contribution addressing the shortfall in its housing land supply.

After numerous consultations with the Local Planning Authority and a few amendments to the initial scheme we were pleased to finally receive permission for this scheme. Our clients are now looking forward to building a new home for themselves, allowing them to achieve their dream of building a house to their own design.

We were delighted to recently gain consent for our client for two high quality executive homes on the site of an existing property in the village of Llanddulas. We had originally been involved on a scheme for three dwellings, but issues with impacts upon protected trees and concerns as to the suitability of the previous scheme required a re-think of the original scheme.

After pre-application discussions with the Council a new scheme for two larger dwellings was submitted which ensured that previous concerns had been entirely addressed. After further negotiations with the Local Planning Authority we were pleased to inform our client that we had finally secured their permission. Now our client may begin work on site.

We were approached by clients’ who owned a small property near Llanrwst, Conwy, which was originally granted permission for conversion into a holiday letting unit in 2013. However, having completed another conversion nearby they had discovered that the holiday letting income was too low to support another conversion and so on the recommendation of their Commercial Estate Agent they sought advice from us on removing the condition.

We liaised with their Agent, Richard Baddeley, to undertake extensive marketing efforts to comply with Conwy’s policy on such cases, with these demonstrating that there were no interests from any buyer in the use of the building either a holiday letting unit or for other commercial purposes. Therefore, we sought to remove this condition in order to allow use of the building as a standard dwelling. The scheme was soon granted planning permission and so our clients’ may now use the building as a normal dwelling, and hope to complete conversion soon and move into the property.

Having secured planning permission for a dwelling conversion our clients set to work on implementing their permission but were unfortunately misled and the contractor set about demolishing the building rather than convert it. This was against planning policy and following the threat of Enforcement Action, the original permission to convert the outbuilding into a dwelling was lost. Our clients reappointed us as their Planning Consultants in order to delve deep into the errors made and to fight the Authority’s decision of potential enforcement. We argued that the building could be used as a holiday letting unit, being fully suited to its site and setting with its high quality design and that it would make a valuable contribution to the local economy. Crucially this fell within policy and after several weeks of negotiations with the LPA we were ultimately successful and highly delighted to inform our clients of our success in securing planning permission for use of the building as a holiday letting unit. Our clients were overjoyed with the results and have avoided the need to demolish the building.