Our client had been refused outline permission for a new dwelling on a paddock within the village. The Council’s refusal was based upon an Appeal decision on the land from the 1990s, where the Inspector considered that any new dwelling would be poorly related to surrounding houses. The Council refused the application as they considered that this issue had not been overcome, and that there would be potential for overlooking of adjoining properties.

However we advised that this decision was open to challenge due to changes in planning policy since the original appeal, and that a different perspective could be taken upon the whole development. This was a view that was shared by a different Inspector at the subsequent appeal, which we lodged on behalf of our client. The Inspector in this second appeal concluded that there were no overlooking issues and in fact the proposed single dwelling would sit well within the surrounding properties.


North Wales Police were being prevented by Gwynedd Council from selling off the police house as they contended that the dwelling was to be sold to local person only. We advised the Police Authority that this was not the case and following Barrister’s legal advice, lodged an appeal against that decision. The Inspector found in our clients favour and thus the police house in Abersoch is being sold off on the open market.


This development was for the conversion of a Listed barn into a dwelling, in the grounds of a large property, also Listed. The Council refused permission as it was deemed the building should only be used for commercial/business purposes. An appeal was lodged and the Inspector allowed the development on the basis that there was no mandatory policy that forced this view to be held by the Council and that conversion to a dwelling was appropriate given the nature of the development and close proximity to other residential properties.

“Well done and thank you very much indeed for all your efforts. There is no doubt it would have been unlikely we would have achieved this (successful) outcome without your input and expertise.” - John and Vicky Gardner, Groes Hall, Groes.