We had submitted a planning application for the erection of 8 apartments back at the start of 2018. After lengthy discussions with the Council the application was refused on the basis of that the Council considered that its “design, siting and appearance constitutes an overdevelopment of the site to the detriment of residential amenity”. We felt that the proposal had a strong chance at Appeal and our client decided to proceed.

We set out a detailed case demonstrating the merits of the scheme and the attention that had been paid to ensuring that the building would be an attractive addition to the area that would ensure that there would be no harmful impact upon its neighbours. In reaching her decision on the appeal the Inspector agreed with our arguments and confirmed that scheme would “have a striking, modern and, in my opinion, attractive appearance” and that it would not have an adverse impact upon its neighbours and would provide a good standard of amenity for its own occupiers.

However the need for a legal agreement on affordable housing prevented the Inspector from allowing the appeal. This is now being addressed in a re-submission which should finally see the development being given the go ahead.