Our client wished to demolish three existing dwellings on her site in Llannor, Gwynedd, and to then replace them with a single new dwelling. The reason for this was mainly due to the fact that the dwellings were of poor structure and had no architectural or historic merit and as a whole were unsuited to the character of the area. This new dwelling had been designed to be of high quality and would be better suited in terms of the village setting, character of the area, and was a more sustainable approach. An original application had been refused as the replacement dwelling was not fully located over the whole of the existing footprint yet the reason for this was the fact it was near impossible to place the dwelling on this footprint. We therefore resubmitted the application which again faced officer disapproval in terms of the new dwelling’s location. Following a detailed reasoned argument as to the new location, the application was then referred to the planning committee where we represented our client.  Through a sympathetic and understanding planning committee our client was granted permission for a suitably located replacement dwelling and she was naturally delighted.