Owen Devenport were approached in order to prepare and advise upon an application to divide a substantial detached property into 2 no. separate dwellings. The property is situated in a rural location among a small cluster of properties to the south-west of Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd. The dwelling is a Grade ll Listed Building and its gardens are included on the Register of Landscape, Parks and Gardens of Special Interest with a Grade II listing in that register.

As the property is of a highly sensitive nature we initially submitted a pre-application enquiry to the Local Planning Authority proposing the small changes necessary in order to divide the building appropriately. The property had already once been separate dwellings therefore there was only minimal works necessary to separate it once again. After numerous discussions with the Local Planning Authority we came to an agreement of how the 'new' dwelling could be justified and were then instructed to submit a full planning application as well as the application for Listed Building Consent. Following submission, we addressed a number of smaller issues raised by local residents and consultees. The end result was that consent was granted for the scheme allowing our client to press ahead with their plans for their much-loved building, which they had renovated to a very high standard over a number of years.