Our client wanted to change the use of their existing 'Certified Location' touring caravan site for 4 no. Detached chalets. The site is comprised of a cluster of substantial buildings associated with the 'Rivercatcher' holiday and function development, which we obtained approval for in 2013. Initially we set out a pre-application enquiry in order to engage in discussions with the Local Planning Authority and from which we received positive feedback. Following this we were instructed to move ahead with the process of pursuing planning permission where we once again were engaged in discussions with the Authority. Even after these discussions the proposal was refused to our complete surprise. Following an approach to the Development Manager at Denbighshire it was agreed that internal procedures had not been adhered to correctly and that more information was needed to accompany the application. We resubmitted the proposal which was finally approved allowing our delighted client to start work upon the development which will only enhance the tourist attraction that has been established at the site.