We were approached by a client who owned a building with permitted use of storage and supply of builders’ materials in Old Colwyn, near Colwyn Bay.  What he intended to do was to change the use to this building in order to include the ability to sell antiques, garden and farm machinery etc on site. In order to do so he needed to apply for permission therefore he appointed Owen Devenport as his Planning Consultants. We investigated the proposal and put together a Planning Support Statement which justified the small scheme. Our first submission was eventually withdrawn due to lack of information as the Planning Authority required that a Sequential Test Assessment was carried out for this ‘retail’ activity. This seemed an excessive requirement for such a small business but following extensive research by our clients, together we produced this Assessment and were then ready to resubmit the proposal. This time happy with the submission the Local Planning Authority granted permission which finally allowed our clients to continue selling antiques and grow their business.