Having secured planning permission for a dwelling conversion our clients set to work on implementing their permission but were unfortunately misled and the contractor set about demolishing the building rather than convert it. This was against planning policy and following the threat of Enforcement Action, the original permission to convert the outbuilding into a dwelling was lost. Our clients reappointed us as their Planning Consultants in order to delve deep into the errors made and to fight the Authority’s decision of potential enforcement. We argued that the building could be used as a holiday letting unit, being fully suited to its site and setting with its high quality design and that it would make a valuable contribution to the local economy. Crucially this fell within policy and after several weeks of negotiations with the LPA we were ultimately successful and highly delighted to inform our clients of our success in securing planning permission for use of the building as a holiday letting unit. Our clients were overjoyed with the results and have avoided the need to demolish the building.