A new Local Development Plan for Anglesey and Gwynedd is about to be approved and will become formal policy as of 1 August 2017. At long last both Authorities will have relatively up to date planning policies and puts to bed the outdated and archaic old Anglesey and Gwynedd UDP's. There will now be certainty about the advice we can give our clients in terms of new development proposals. 

Having had full Officer support for the scheme at the Old Post Office in Bangor, the planning committee refused permission. Having had support from Cadw throughout the application process, the logical decision was to appeal the committee's decision. However in a complete volte face, Cadw opted to object to the scheme at appeal, which raises concerns about their role as stakeholder in the planning process, and their value as protectors of our built heritage. In a shameful about turn they completely contradicted themselves in a letter deriding the (identical) scheme they had previously supported! This leaves us believing that Cadw are undermining the planning decision making process and their value as consultees not worth the paper it is written on. 

We have new assistant - Odie. Our Social Media mascot which will front our Twitter and Facebook posts from now on! Already a hit with clients, this is a light hearted attempt to draw people into our news items. Created in-house by our very own Caron Foulkes, who has her own Facebook page illustrating all her gifted art work. Take a look you will be pleasantly surprised! (Caron Fox Art - https://www.facebook.com/CaronFoxArt/ )

Owen Devenport are delighted to welcome the highly regarded and experienced former Planning Inspector, Gareth Rennie, on to the team. Gareth joins the practice having a welath of experince at the very highest level in Planning. The Company is proud of the fact that someone of Gareth's stature has joined the team and only adds to the vast knowledge that the company now offer new and existing clients.

An application for 180 student accommodation units was submitted to Gwynedd Council in August 2016. After months of negotiations with the Planning Officers the application was presented to Committee with a firm recommendation of approval. However the Committee opted to dispense with that professional advice, and refused planning permission and Listed Building Consent. The Applicants are now moving towards an appeal.

A recent appeal involving an established caravan park saw Flintshire County Council being awarded costs against them for unreasonable behaviour. The planning committee overturned an officer recommendation to approve the development, and at the ensuing appeal it was decided to claim for costs on behalf of our client. A full award was made by the Planning Inspector against the Council and as a result of this unwarranted behaviour by the planning committee the County Council are now facing a bill of several thousand pounds.