The operators of a successful rural enterprise, Llaniestyn Autos, wanted to apply for planning permission to replace their existing caravan/chalet on the site. This had been given permission over 10 years ago and was linked to the business  There was a case that the proposal was merely replacing an existing residential unit for another and that it was in line with the thrust of policy governing rural enterprise dwellings. An application was submitted with all the necessary evidence and statements concerning policy, but the proposal, surprisingly, met with resistance from the officers of the Local Planning Authority. However after persuasive arguments and assistance from their local Councillor, the Council finally granted permission. The result will be a much improved structure, far more sustainable than the old caravan/chalet and a more comfortable family home for the applicant and his young family. It was difficult to undestand what the objection was from officers, but fortunately common sense prevailed and the client was delighted with the outcome.