A rural metal fabrication business was having to relocate to another site and the owner also needed to be on site to deal with emergency calls, secure the safety of his equipment and he needed to be in a rural location to serve the majority of his customer base - being local farmers. The client already had a site that had had permission for an agricultural shed, but he now wanted a new shed for the fabrication business as well as a rural enterprise dwelling. The LPA were originally opposed to the proposal citing poor access and questioning the need for such a dwelling in such a location. However further discussions took place with the highway authority and passing places were agreed in order to mitigate any possible increase in danger to highway safety. Substantial evidence was submitted in order to persuade the Authority that this was a bona fide rural based enterprise with a genuine need for a dwelling associated with that business. The planning committee paid a site visit and when returned to the committee the application was finally approved, saving the client's business and ensuring a long term future for him and  his family.