Owen Devenport were asked to advise an existing farming enterprise to put together a case for a second farm dwelling. The existing farm was a large dairy unit with significant investment having taken place in recent months. Although there was an existing farmhouse, the case was made out that there was sufficient work around the farm to warrant a second dwelling.

Owen Devenport then worked closely with the clients, who were experienced farmers themselves to put forward the case in compliance with the tests set out in TAN 6. After much effort and co-ordinating all information an application was submitted with full detailed plans. The LPA scrutinised the information carefully and the issue of whether the dwelling's size would render it an 'affordable' dwelling in line with policy was an issue that had to be dealt with.

The design was also a point of contention and after much consultation the final size and design were agreed which matched the clients' ambitions for him and his young family and was in compliance with policy on such dwellings. Planning permission was finally secured and this successful milk producing enterprise is now a family run business with everyone on site.