The well established site is prominently located near Abersoch and situated in a sensitive part of the open countryside being within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. (AONB) The site owner wished to improve the facilities and spacing standards on site but without compromising the overall layout and a topographical survey identified in detail the site, its levels and constraints. After weeks of discussions on the clients' ambitions and requirements draft plans were drawn up. These were then used in detailed pre-application discussions that took place with planning officers, who came to the site and offered advice on subtle changes that would be welcomed. These matters was duly taken on board, and minor changes were made to the plans in line with officer's advice. A full Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment was then carried out to ensure that there would be no overriding harm to the landscape character. And so with documentation in place an application was submitted to reconfigure this prominent site, extend the boundaries to incorporate improved circulation together with a new boat store and children's play area. Planning Permission was granted justifying the pre-application process and the attention to detail in particular the landscape advice obtained. 


Our client wished to replace a slowly deteriorating building with a new dwelling. The existing residential use rights were fully established and it was just a matter of designing an appropriate dwelling for the site. Following submission, neighbour concerns were considered and amended plans submitted to the Council. These were duly accepted as being suitable and no objections were made. Consequently a swift approval was gained for our client who now has permission for a new dwelling in Edern, nr Nefyn. 


Our client approached us with a view to converting a Listed Chapel into a dwelling. This was a delicate development because not only was the building Listed but the site was very small with little room to manoeuvre with regard to extensions.  Dialogue then ensued with the LPA's Conservation Officer and agreement was reached, with the the assistance of the architectural designers on what could be achieved within the confines of the site. Applications were then submitted for planning consent and Listed Building approval, which were favourably obtained following the pre-application discussions and further changes during the course of the handling of the application. a successful conclusion to a potentially difficult and sensitive development.    


The client wanted to develop a new touring caravan park in the centre of the Island. Owen Devenport were instructed to guide the application through the planning process. A key element was the impact upon the Landscape and also impact upon the road network. A Landscape Architect was instructed and produced a full Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA). This was accepted by the Local Planning Authority and with mitigating landscaping the site was not deemed harmful. Highway issues were another potential stumbling block and initially the highway authority were not in favour. However with the intervention of Owen Devenport and the client the officers re-visited the site and agreed that additional passing bays would overcome any objections. Thus the site was finally approved, with conditions including that of a Travel Plan which Owen Devenport will now complete. The client now has permission for a touring caravan park, with an amenity block in the heart of the Anglesey countryside that should prove very popular with tourists. 

Planning permission had been refused for the development of a single dwelling on land at Llanddulas near Abergele. The client decided to use another Architectural Consultant, following which Owen Devenport were engaged as planning consultants. The previous scheme appeared rather grandiose (for the site and location) and was refused on several grounds. An amended design was then put together, which was a better reflection of the character of the area and the plot itself. The Highway objection that persisted in the first application was also dealt with and the second application was duly submitted.

As a consequence of our involvement and subsequent planning advice, the application was approved and the client was naturally delighted. He now has a valuable piece of real estate that he intends to sell off on the open market. This demonstrates that even after a refusal of permission, if dealt with properly, an amended design and a different approach can yield dividends. 

We were instructed to advise on a refused application for a single dwelling in the village of Bryngwran on Anglesey. Having assessed the plans and the general setting of the proposed plot we advised that an appeal would be worthwhile. The client agreed to go forward with an Informal Hearing. The issues surrounded the fact that the LPA  deemed the site to be in open countryside and thus falling outside the scope of policies that allowed for single dwellings adjoining various settlements. The site was outside the defined settlement boundary for Bryngwran but was sandwiched between two existing housing developments, with development also in evidence on the opposite side of the road.

The LPA  were also fearful that allowing this single plot would set a precedence for the remainder of the field. But, the Inspector disagreed and indicated that the LPA were well within their rights to refuse any future applications if there was harm to the character of the area.