Our clients had purchased the main property, a bungalow, with the chalet in place within its grounds. This had been there for a number of years but had never had planning permission for holiday letting. The owners innocently let the chalet for holiday purposes but were halted following intervention by the Local Planning Authority. Owen Devenport were instructed to prepare an application to retain the holiday use of the chalet, which had been in situ for some 35 years. The LPA refused permission in spite of considerable supporting evidence, and so the clients promptly instructed an appeal.

The Planning Inspector in allowing the appeal noted that past uses had been made of the chalet for residential letting and holiday letting and agreed with us that the chalet would remain whatever the outcome of the appeal and as such there would be no difference to the character of the landscape. He also noted that the area was characterised by a number of caravan parks and that the Council's arguments(and their policies) were aimed at preventing new caravan parks as opposed to single chalets with a history of holiday letting stretching back a number of years. The delighted clients were relieved and can now continue their holiday letting business.