We were approached by clients who had purchased a building in Rhyl and changed its use from a dwelling to a family assessment centre. As they had not gained approval to do so they appointed us as their Planning Consultants in order to put together a case to support the type of work they were undertaking.

The building was ideally suited for the proposed use as no other family assessment centres are situated around the North of Wales and so it would be a useful facility for many mothers and children who needed its services.

Shockingly many objections were received on the grounds that it would incite antisocial behaviour in the area, and this along with the Local Authority’s doubts meant that the proposal was inevitably refused.

Following this we were asked to take the matter further and appealed against the Local Planning Authority’s refusal. We fought hard to overturn the decision during the appeal and were overjoyed to win the appeal and finally receive approval for our clients. They can now continue to work on providing the care and resources needed by those who use their facility.