Owen Devenport were engaged as the Planning Agents in order to apply for permission for 12 safari tents at our client’s site near Pwllheli, which was an area of agricultural land set close to his property and within the AONB. We prepared and submitted a detailed case which supported the reasons why we believed permission should be allowed. However, the Authority refused the application on the grounds of it impacting upon the “landscape and on the visual amenities of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.” As a team we were rather baffled by this response as we had submitted detailed a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment which demonstrated an acceptable and limited impact upon the AONB.

Following on from this, our client engaged us a second time to tackle the Authority’s decision through an appeal. Happy to oblige, we submitted a detailed Statement of Case which further argued our points and dissatisfaction with the outcome, and highlighted the features of the original case which showed no harm to the AONB. In due course we finally received the appeal decision which allowed the scheme and which our client was delighted by. He now has permission to site 12 safari tents in a beautiful location.