Owen Devenport were engaged to assist with an application to redevelop an un-used piece of scrap land in the village of Clwt y Bont. After initial pre-application discussions with the Council’s Planning and Highways Department it was agreed that a development of three houses would be suitable for the site to take account of the need to ensure that the road serving it could accommodate the new development.

Following initial design work with a firm of local architects the application was submitted to the Council for three detached 3-bed houses, along with a new length of pavement along the road. Discussions were then held with the Authority’s Officer’s to address further points that they raised as well as addressing a wide range of comments from local residents, which resulted in the Officers supporting the application and recommending its approval. Subsequently the application was discussed at Committee, where we addressed the Members and advised them of the extensive work undertaken to ensure that the application was suited to the site.

After consideration of the points made the Committee voted to approve the application, with the result that a piece of unattractive land now has permission for three high quality and attractive homes.