Due to the adoption of the Joint Local Development Plan Policy between Anglesey & Gwynedd it was our client’s last chance to re-new their application for this development as the policies were about to change. This proposal was for outline permission of 6 dwellings on a piece of land at Brynteg in Anglesey. An approval had been grated for this previously however there was not enough time to implement the permission and a re-newed application was required. 

As the policies were about to change within the new Joint Local Development Plan, it was going to be a tricky application to get approved within the timescale. Owen Devenport quickly submitted a new application in order to re-new the application and after much consideration by the Local Authority, attending a meeting with the Head of Planning we were delighted to inform our clients that the Local Authority granted their permission again. The clients were thrilled with their re-newed permission and are now swiftly looking to develop the site.